Timber Rock

N-Gauge Railroad


This layout was built over ten years and in two phases. The lower level with Lower Village was built first and the Upper Village section with Lookout Mountain was built later. The Lower Village still needs landscaping whereas the Upper Village and level is nearly finished except for people, animals, fences, etc.

All buildings are wooden and made from kits (usually some form of laser cut) and hand painted. All trestles, rocks, cliffs, mountains, etc., were handmade. The vehicles, small bridge near the control panel and the tunnel portals were purchased and then painted as needed. The background was constructed by gluing stitched together photographs to foam board. I took the photographs and and then manipulated them in Photoshop.

I have numerous DCC locomotives but generally run no more then two at one time. The layout was originally built without DCC so that numerous reversing switches had to used. The layout had blocks to allow more than two locomotives to run but the two reverse loops made for an operational nightmare. The reversing switches are still in place and can be seen on the control board sketch layout in the next to last photograph. Any block (color coded) can be killed by putting the block section switch in the center position. All sidings, which are marked in black, can be killed as well.

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