Timber Rock

N-Gauge Railroad


This layout was built over ten years and in two phases. It is still a work in progress as of 2018. The lower level with Alamosa was built first using a modified track plan #28 from "101 Track Plans for Model Railroaders" by Lynn Westcott, Kalmbach Books. The Upper Village, South Fork and Creede sections with Lookout Mountain were built later.

All buildings are wooden and made from kits (usually some form of laser cut) and hand painted. Trestles, rocks, cliffs, mountains, etc., were handmade. Most vehicles, small bridge near the control panel and the tunnel portals were purchased then assembled and painted as needed. The background was constructed by gluing stitched photographs to foam board. I took the photographs and and then manipulated them in Photoshop.

I have numerous DCC locomotives and rolling stock but generally run no more then two trains at one time. The layout was originally built for DC. All sidings, except 7S, can be killed. Siding 2SP serves as the DCC programming track as well. The layout has recently been rewired so that no blocks remain. The black section is the mainline and the three red section are the reversing loops, each with an MCR reversing module.

Click on any thumbnail below to start manual slide show taken in 2002. A new slide show taken in 2018 can be found by clicking on the link below.

Finished Layout Slide Show Here


Track Plan (not to scale)

Video of BNSF #526 Dash 8-40BW (If video does not play, try this link)

Video of BNSF #526 Dash 8-40BW & Burlington Northern #5418 U25B (If video does not play, try this link)

Some basic construction pictures of Upper Village before final configuration.

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